**Meditation for dancing souls**

**Meditation for dancing souls**

“MEDITATION FOR DANCING SOULS” – to support dancers and dance lovers to connect body & mind.

No previous experience required, just turn up and… breathe…

Integrating meditation into your daily practice not only helps us focus, it also brings us clarity when we feel confused, it helps reduce stress and it supports us in our relationships and daily life challenges. It also helps us avoid injuries while developing mindfulness.
Meditation is an empowering practice for dancing souls and dancing bodies!

The sessions include exercises, instructions and meditation. Many shared with me they wanted to meditate but didn’t know how to start. Others told me they would feel supported and do it more regularly if they could join a group session. Well… here it is!

every THURS (***starting 26th June***)

at Studio68
68 Ewer St, London SE1 0NR
Nearest tube: Southwark

info: http://www.cindyclaes.com

Join the weekly sessions, and stay tuned for the bi-monthly intensives!



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