Meditation for dancers – coming soon…


I am about to organize a session to support dancers connecting body & mind: “MEDITATION FOR DANCERS”.

Many of you know (and many of you don’t know) that meditation is part of my daily practice. It helps us focus, it brings us clarity when we feel confused, it helps reduce stress and it supports us in our relationships and daily life challenges. It also helps us avoid injuries while developing mindfulness. Meditation is an empowering practice, and as many have asked me questions about meditation and how to start, well… here it is!

It would be in central London, for 1 hour. The session would include exercises and instructions as well as short meditations to apply the exercises.

If this is something you are interested in… please help me set up “the” ideal class and answer a few questions:

1. At the moment I am thinking of organizing it during lunchtime on a week day, however there are options to do it early morning or late evenings too. WHAT DAY/TIME WOULD BE IDEAL FOR YOU?

2. I could organize a WEEKLY session, so that people feel supported within their meditation practice, or we could do it on a MONTHLY basis, so that people can practice at home and come back with questions the month after.

Thank you for answering!




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